Thursday, July 06, 2006

Politicians and bad days

State and Federal Politicians are arguing over the distribution of power and money [taxes]. The prime minister talks as if he has collected the taxes and then given a fair proportion to the states and tells them to stop whinging. Excuse me, I think he has been in the rarefied air of power a bit too long. The people pay the taxes and the governments are given the job to provide services with the money collected. I call this the Common-Wealth. No politician owns this wealth any more than we do.

If you sleep with dogs you get fleas, Politicians must be riddled with corporate fleas.

Private transport versus Public. Surely with the oil situation we need to concentrate on getting people out of cars and onto public transport. Here in Australia our Federal government has just promised millions of dollars to The Ford Motor Company to help it make more cars. Not even energy efficient. The State government sold off the public transport and now it is bleeding us dry. These politicians must be scratching madly with flea bites.