Friday, July 07, 2006

Over Heard

Over heard at a works canteen.

"We don’t have any say anymore, the governments both big and small don’t listen to us."

I am hearing this more and more here in Australia. I am reminded of the
“Let them eat cake” line. By Marie-Antoinette.

The current mob of politicians have thrown our wealth around made us want to be wealthy but in the mean time ripped the soul and caring out of the equation. Hence eat the cake and forget the bread.

State school spending:
Here in Victoria many states schools are run down to the point of no return. Federal government awash with funds [Large surpluses squandered on tax cuts to the rich] Give money to Private schools who already have private swimming pools and acres of playing fields. The schools admit they are awash with funds but still gladly accepting of additional funds.

Primary school student teachers are being given additional training in how to teach reading to kids. The mind boggles, how long have teachers been teaching children to read.