Monday, July 24, 2006

Celebratory Placement

I was reading the paper on the W/E and saw a 20 something year old football player, with a big toothy grin, he had his football kit on and was resting his knee on a football. [Just so you knew what he did, famous sports star] The words accompanying the photo informed you that he used his credit card. I wasn't amused. A squillionair sportsman uses a particular credit card, does that mean young men and women without the squillion$ are going to emulate their hero. He is their hero because he can kick a football, not because he has financial credibility.

The second advert was a well know soapy star Australian/Italian now living in America. Picture this; said star at his desk, suitably dishevelled to enhance the, ‘I don't care about my looks I am just so cool’.

Next to this beautifully shot photo is a question / answer sheet.

Favourite food, best moment in your life, [Marrying the missus] biggest surprise, [our first child] all that sort of tosh. Then low and behold the last question. My favourite card, no not the Christmas or birthday card I received from my great uncle. Oh no!! It was my [you guessed it] credit card.

I just don’t see the credibility in using these images. We all know that people from these professions, Acting, Sport, are no more money-wise than the rest of us, and in fact can appear to be very ordinary with money.

I suppose I just don’t get advertising do I?

Very late night Saturday night. 4.30 am. Yesterday was a wipe out a little peaky today.

Woof Gasp Woof