Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Howard is misdirected

John Howards attempt at making changes to the indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. Is both misdirected and dangerous.

Misdirected because he has come to it after 10 years in power during which he has not done very much to help the aboriginal community. He stopped the reconciliation process, he has ignored the fundamental areas of concern, and now wants us all to focus on these failing areas in aboriginal life. I don't buy the idea that it is better late than never. If he had come up with a 10-20 year plan at the beginning of his term as prime minister, the problems he now describes as "Our cyclone Katrina" would of been identified and a programme of rebuilding would be in-acted.

Dangerous, because if this heavy handed approach goes wrong, which I think is quite likely. Then the matter becomes even worse. It will be very hard to garner public support for billions of dollars for a second or third wave of assistance.

Aboriginal people cannot be treated like a social experiment that can be re-adjusted by our interventions that come without consultation or consent. So the next time Mr Howard wants to divert our attentions from a popular leader of the opposition, lets hope he finds a different type of distraction, maybe drug abuse in AFL football stars???


Post Script: Here is an article about this subject from The Age newspaper.

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