Monday, January 29, 2007

Religion in Politics

Religion in politics Aussie style.

Tony Abbot a prominent coalition minister in the Howard government, has had a go at the new leader of the opposition over his use of religious beliefs.

Along the lines of,
"If you believe in Jesus you would probably want to vote labor [left] cause that is what Jesus would be into, looking after the poor and homeless."

Mind you Tony Abbot was once given the job of deciding whether there should be stem cell research and legalised abortions and he is a devout catholic with responsibilities in health care.

We all go through life thinking our belief systems are the right ones, but when you put those into sensitive public policy development it gets tricky.

I always thought that is was the Americans who wore their religion on their collective sleeves. Now it is spreading to the U.K. and here too.
I am an Atheist so I find it all quite laughable that people go round believing in some 'Magic book' with all sorts of hocus pocus in.

My request to all politicians regardless of your political bent or religious belief is leave the religion out of politics, please.

And a short message to the people of South East Queensland, ' Get used to the recycled water we will all be following soon, it's OK you ain't the first and wont be the last.


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