Friday, July 14, 2006

AWAs and Backs

The Australian Workplace Agreements, have made many workers worried and with good cause. I heard of one such reason the other day. A woman, I know, wont take time off work [she works in elderly care] to fix her aching back, because she is worried that if she tells her employer the reason she needs time off, she could looser her job. This is a fine example of where this government has got it so wrong. Instead of being worried about your future employment due to a sore back, you should be encouraged to get the back fixed properly and given time off or maybe light duties while your back improves. Instead paranoia reigns.

All cars should have insurance: Third party, Fire and Theft. Make it compulsory.

Commercial leases in Victoria are unfair to the leasee, more on this chestnut at another time. Any comments welcome.