Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Teenage WoW

I have heard of grown men falling asleep in front of their computer screens, after feverishly playing World of Warcraft [WoW] The most popular on-line game.

Well I know of a teenager who is mightily pissed off that he is only allowed 2 maybe 3 hours a night/day playing. I'm sure he would go for 8 hours straight if you let him and has done so in the past. Sleepovers are a great excuse for mammoth sessions. The game obviously has addictive qualities, which to the casual observer are overlooked. Being a casual observer myself, I can see none of them.

The compulsive nature of WoW means any attempt to modify playing it, is met with loud protestations, complaints and comparisons.
'My friends can play until 3 a m.' Was levelled at me on one occasion. This was a week night .

Any talk of alternative activities, such as reading, playing music, doing homework. helping with the household chores. All are dismissed as unnecessary or boring.

A classic exchange the other day from said Teenager. In reply to the comment that he was not helping with the housework or cooking, despite the fact that he enjoyed eating the food.

'So you are accusing me of being fat now.' He exclaimed with a hurt look.

'No, just that.’ I replied, ‘You like the food, but not the preparation or cleaning, both need doing as well as the eating.'

'No you are accusing me of being fat. And in any case do you like doing the preparation and cleaning work?'

'Yes I do.' I said, 'But not all the time'.

'Well I find it boring' so if you like it so much you do it, then I won't feel bored doing it. OK!'

And with that he headed back to the computer with a purposeful look in his eye and with a crack of his knuckles, he prepared to fight another keyboard battle.