Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Few Grumbles

Firstly there is the news that our Prime Minister has been chatting with Liberal party heavy weight, Ron Walker about Nuclear Power. Nothing wrong with that you say, free country, etc. etc.
We were led to believe at the time the prime minister announced an enquiry into nuclear power that it was part of an open discussion about alternative energy. Now we find out that Mr Walker had registered a company specifically for the purpose of building?, operating? a nuclear power station. This was done around the time the prime minister was talking up the prospect of nuclear power as a future power supply. Come clean the pair of you and tell us about the chicken and the egg.

Water: Heard from someone today that they take 7 minute showers every day of the week, they need the 7 minutes cause they have to wash their hair every day. I grew up in a family of four kids we had a bath once a week and we shared the water. Here in Victoria we are experiencing a severe drought that has been going for 7 years. We are encouraged to save water, people tell you how they save their shower water, to water precious plants in the garden. We even know how many mega litres it takes to produce our breakfast in the morning. We have been encouraged to dob in a Water Wally. But what we do in the confines of our home is kept a secret. I threaten my family with the water police, which isn't a river boat but a police officer with a big wrench to turn your water off, if you are wasteful. So beware. And to give said friend a break the length of shower has come down from 7 mins to 5 since stage three water restriction have come into force.

Lastly; some politicians just don't know when to stop. Well most don't, but some just keep going far too long. There is one in Western Australia he used to be their premier. Lost his job, got into trouble with the law, served his time, out again and now many years later he has resurfaced as a powerful maverick behind the scenes of the Labor party. I think to date 3 or 4 high ranking members of the West Australian parliament have been sacked, for associating with him. And what are they doing? Silly stuff like fund raising, helping each other, doing favours. The sort of thing that can lead to corruption if it is not kept transparent. You know the sort of stuff school boys do, but sometimes they continue to do when they are old enough to know better.


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