Friday, May 04, 2007


Those unsolicited phone calls, the pleas for money or your time, just as you are about to sit down to diner, should now be a thing of the past here in Australia. Thanks to a new service provided by the federal government.
There are one or two problems with the service as far as I can see and it is only a day old so maybe public pressure will change these.
One is that it can't be used on phone numbers that are not primary domestic use. Why should small businesses have to put up with these unsolicited phone calls any more than a domestic situation.
Two the organisations that are exempt from this registry are churches and charities and groups doing surveys. Well they seem to be the main offenders at 7pm when you are just about to sit down for dinner.
So I have registered my numbers in the vain hope I can eat my tea uninterrupted.

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