Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Re Cycled Water?

That is the problem with this debate in Australia we are calling it re-cycled water. All water is re-used, re-cycled. But the connotations is that water that has been in recent contact with sewage is going to remain dirty, unhealthy, dangerous.

I was once told that we were drinking Caesar's piss, meaning all the water on this planet has been here for a long time and it just keeps going around. The way most of our sewage has been treated in the past, is that it ends up in the sea.

Most of us live in coastal cities and up until recently everything from raw sewage to treated effluent is sent out to sea. When the sea has treated it the water evaporates becomes clouds that move around and in the end drop as rain. So if I am not mistaken the same water molecules are falling down as rain again collected in our tanks and dams and back into our stomachs etc etc.
Now if we want to speed up that process, we can take the sewage before it gets to the sea and start treating it and finally returning it to our water systems. If the truth were told we have known what to do for centuries. It is very important we have a clean and constant supply of water it is the corner stone of our health system. Doctors play a roll in health care but clean water and sewage disposal is infinitely more important to good health.

So yes we need to get our methods of re-use of water right and that is achievable. There are many ways to skin a cat, lets look at our water resources in that light and use what we can to provide clean safe water supplies.

A foot note to the new Environment minister. Governments that are awash with surpluses shouldn't talk about expensive user pays programmes with basic needs such as water, when other arms of government are wasting billions on all sorts from wars to public servant pension funds.
It's our money [Malcolm]


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