Monday, October 02, 2006

Cars and Panels

Someone across the road from where I live reversed into the front wing of our car last night. Well I think it was last night, I hadn't looked since Saturday. Saturday was Grand final night over here in Melbourne and a fair amount of reveling was going on. I suspect a late night partier from across the road. I wasn’t home myself until after one so had no chance of hearing the crunch of steel. The better half was asleep in the bedroom and may of been stirred by a muffled party goer leaving, but couldn't be sure.

The up shot of it all, is that I find we are insured but will loose our no claims bonus and will have to pay the first $400.00 so we are stomped aren't we. The car just isn't worth spending that amount on. So I am now on a hunt for a friendly panel beater, with the necessary skills to 'punch out' a medium size dent, in the front wing.

What pisses me off is that who ever did it didn't leave a contact number. So next time you have the unfortunate fortune of hitting someone else’s car, and they are not there to tell, leave a note to let them know. It will make you all warm inside.