Saturday, July 08, 2006

Commercial In Confidence

Commercial In Confidence

What a load of old bollocks that is; especially when it comes to government contracts to sell/lease public assets to private companies. We all own the assets that are to be used, we need to have complete transparency.

The Australian Wheat board [The AWB]. check them out; while this country went to war with Iraq, the shenanigans going on under the guise of Commercial in Confidence was tantamount to criminal. Even with a royal commission we wont get to the bottom of the bribes and corruption.

Public Transport in Victoria. Did you know you can’t catch a train back to Geelong [Victoria's second largest City] after midnight, no buses either. Again we have sold off chunks of a public asset [Commercial in Confidence] contracts, and quietly like sheep to the slaughter we put up with diminished services not a whimper. I don’t know much about South Australia, but I hear that they have free buses after midnight. Toronto [Canada] has had [I think] a 10 year study open to the public respecting the public transport users requests, and guess what usage is on the up and up.