Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fix it yourself

Yesterday we had a problem with the car. Crushed wing and a broken tail gate catch. All up it was looking very bleak. What with insurance premiums, excess payments and no claims penalty rates. It was going to cost at least $500.00 for the dent in the wing.

So this morning we pulled a bit of paneling off and thumped and punched the panel until it looked pretty straight. As for the tail gate catch. That had fallen off in my partners hand as she opened the boot to get the fruits of her hunting trip down at the local supermarket.

On first inspection it looked dire, a hole in the floor of the boot where the stud for the door catch had sat. a 50mm hole with jagged edges and no way to get to it from beneath. With two heads and a bit of brainstorm this morning, a metal plate sandwich was constructed and within an hour the door was closing and locking. Perrrrrrrrrrrrfect.

We are not out of pocket and all is well with the world again. So I can get back to grumbling about the things that annoy me. Like try outs for kids basket ball, or the herd mentality when it comes to sporting events. And many more.