Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A letter to SBS TV

Dear SBS comments,

With regard to the placement of advertising during the programmes you


I have been trying to work out why it is wrong and doesn't fit in with

your image and format. I think I have found the answer. It is relatively

simple, but could also be a bit obscure, so therefore be missed by the


Most commercial television stations show programmes made for and therefore

design to fit the commercial format. Story lines, plot, action, etc.

can easily be molded into the commercial format. Most sports fit this

category to. They have been very successful on commercial tv.

Commercial tv stations often have complaints when they show a

film or a serious piece of television because they can't get the mix

of programme and advertising to work.

Here lies the essence of your problem of showing adverts during

programmes. The viewers are expecting a higher quality of

broadcasting, even if many programmes have been made with the

intention of showing them on commercial tv, the quality of production

and the feel [often European] doesn't lend it's self to the

Americanisation of advertising. The insensitivity of the advert break

is an intrusion that can be tolerated when the subject matter has been

made with a commercial feel to it's production. EG sport, soapy, lifestyle. But

not when the subject matter is hard hitting drama or in depth reporting

with editorial comment.

When SBS started putting adverts in between programmes it

fitted well into that time slot, that informs and at times instructs

the viewers, about programme rating and content. The placement of

adverts during a show, does not fit into your style of programmes or your station


In conclusion you have a small audience share, they are by and large

a select demographic group interested in your programmes. [Not just

couch potatoes]. If you don't respect them they will not respect you.

With thanks