Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Desalination Plant

Here in Victoria our Premier has just announced a Desalination plant to provide 150 billion litres of water per year, at a cost of $3.1 billion. This in turn is going to double the price of water to the consumer over the next five years.
I thought desalination plants were a complete no no. Environmentally unfriendly, big CO2 producer. It must be the most expensive way of making clean water. In Saudi Arabia they can afford to get their water this way, but here where many users are on low incomes I don't think it will be fair to ask everyone to pay twice as much for their water.
I hope we can see an comprehensive plan for this project. It's not good enough for the Premier to say. "I'm confident we have the right plan for the future," we all need to see what outcomes we can expect from a large desalination plant.
Have they considered collecting rain run off, or recycled water plants?
And when we have above average rain fall again, [like the floods in NSW at the moment] and we are awash with water again. How will the people of Victoria react to higher water prices and cost over runs. As our experts tell us it is the best plan. Just dig deeper in your pockets to pay for it.


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