Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Leaders

Just a couple of quick comments.

1] I realised the other day that the political leaders are by and large lawyers. It has depressed me no end. I don't think the legal brain is the best suited to solve the practical problems that concern us most in our world.

2] John Howard our prime minister [who is also a lawyer] has decided to send in additional police to clean up the Aboriginal settlements in the outback. I read in todays paper that even the man who produced the report that initiated this response is not happy with the prime ministers approach.

John Howard is quoted as saying,

"I believe in my heart it is absolutely right."

I think I heard him say something similar about the reason to go to war with Iraq.

Of course the cynics amongst us could see this initiative as a distraction and a bit of grandstanding by the prime minister as we head towards an election.


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