Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Medibank Private

Yes on that old hairy chestnut again. Why would the government want to sell Medibank Private when 66% of the population don't want it sold. They are running enormous surpluses and only give those to the rich in the way of tax cuts. So why? Apart from the obvious answer that it is ideological in nature.
So now we hear they are going to hide the sale until after the Election. We aren't very good at understanding who actually owns these public assets. So we probably wont even notice when and if the coalition get re-elected.
We also don't seem to get the whole health provision thing either. We think if we pay to a private system it is in some way better. Choice is given as an important factor.
As a community we are paying a fortune to the health services and there is not always value for money.
The private health funds don't really help in this equation they appear to be an added layer of bureaucracy and expense.