Friday, April 20, 2007

Pray for rain, he said

John Howard says pray for rain. We are in a once in a life time drought, maybe once in a thousand years. We haven't had decent rain, down here in the south east of Australia for the best part of years.

Yesterday the prime minister was shown a report on the water situation. Then announces that we need to pray for rain. He said other things to, mainly aimed at election year politics. Unfortunately for us the economic miracle that the Howard government has presided over has excluded insuring we are drought proof. You could say they have squandered their surpluses and asset sales.

After 10 years we are told to pray for rain. I am sure that if we had started addressing the situation 5 years ago we would have recycled water, rain tank subsides, efficiencies in industry and agriculture. We may of even go rid of cotton and rice farms.

If we end up with a really bad situation down here in south east Australia, we have only ourselves to blame. We have voted in these economic rationalists who have a bottom line and tax relief, as their main cause d'etre.

No country can be sustained on big business running the show. We need good governance to set up a workable infrastructure that can provide the basics.

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