Friday, July 21, 2006


A discussion this morning about the use of carbon fuels and how much we are using.

We [the world] must be using up the reserves of carbon based fuels so fast that we will run out sooner rather than later. Consumer products are a big ticket item, along with cars, homes, air travel, heating and air conditioning.
I propose we are programmed to survive to find new ways to live as old ways become unworkable. However it may also include our ability to kill each other that is part of our survival plan.

No good will come of fighting over the remaining oil in the middle east. If we put the squillions spent on war on finding alternative energy, just think how advanced that could be.

What a stoke of genius: The middle east the home of some of the most ancient civilisations, that can't get along with one another. [Probably due in part to the holding on to dogma from 2000 years ago. ]
Add to this some of the largest reserves of oil, the life blood of modern society. Is this one big JOKE????