Thursday, April 19, 2007

Election year

Yesterdays paper, had a picture of our new leader of the opposition dancing with a day time TV host. There are photos of him giving the TV host tastes of his culinary skills. So what are we to draw from this. Is Kevin trying to soften his image, give the relatively small day time viewing public a lesson in dancing along the lines of, just wait and see me in 'Come Dancing' later this year. Or is it all a bit of fluff to fill newspapers/TV shows, which are now more than ever cross media owned and self promoting. Probably a mix of both.
Barely a month ago a story broke of how the new opposition leader had attended a Labor dinner at which a prominent ex premier of Western Australia had also attended. The ex premier is a disgraced person, he has been to jail for a white collar type crime. Done his time and is a free man again.
When this news of a dinner party that took place a couple years before he became the opposition leader. The government went ballistic, it was if Kevin had supped with the Devil himself. The treasure was particularly damming of this behaviour and implied that if you had dinner with this ex crim you yourself were as good as one.
With in days politicians who had had some contact with ex crim premier were coming out of the woodwork from both sides of politics. I didn't here the Treasure give any sort of apology to Kevin, and the show went on.
The above is to describe how we are manipulated by politicians and media alike to praise, applaud, revile, laugh, despise, etc etc at their whim. On the one hand we have the over serious moral attitude that is shown when a pollie wants to show up the weakness of their opposition. And then you have the kissing babies approach when you they want us to think they are kind caring type people. Another six months of this before the next election. and all we are likely to get is same same as the Thai saying goes.
The worst of it is that here in Australia, we actually have to vote. We can't say "no" my democratic right is to not vote if I so please. And then to top it off they say the vote you have cast could end up going to someone you haven't even considered as a member of parliament.

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