Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fancy Nancy

Nancy took a turn for the worse last night. She had a stroke, not a lot of news as yet and she is now as safe and sound as you can get in this day and age in a large public hospital with her family there with her.
Nancy is in her nineties [never quite sure exactly which ninety she is at the moment but I think it is in the mid nineties. She had a sister who lived to over a hundred. In fact Nancy has had a lot of brothers and sisters. Around about 13.
When Nancy was in her seventies her husband had a stroke and that is around the time I first met her. I didn't know her husband before he had his stroke. Nancy looked after him for the best part of 15 years. Luckily he wasn't too disabled by his stroke. But even so she became a full time carer for him. I was always amazed at how she coped with looking after Bob and staying happy and positive with the world around her. She has 3  children and 6 grand kids and 11 great grand kids. She always has a smile and laugh, she wants to be around her family and makes her great grand kids laugh.
I once read somewhere that people who don't become bogged down with grief or negativity seem to live longer lives and think that is what Nancy represents. I know she has seen most of her brothers and sister pass away but she has stayed positive and alert.
I hope she can recover from this set back and still enjoy her life. I have a very big soft spot for Fancy Nancy as I call her. She loves a drink on special occasions a Champagne with orange nowadays. So here's to you Nancy, all raise your glasses and hope she gets better soon.

Signs of Life

We don't drink Bushells tea like we used to, but there is still an old sign around. This one is high enough to be safe from the Graffiti terrorists.