Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It's raining where is all the water going?

Melbourne is awash with rain. With all the hard surfaces, roofs,
pavements, roads etc. it all runs off into the drainage system pretty
efficiently. From there it travels to the streams and rivers, taking
it to the bay [ocean].

Once it goes into the ocean it becomes salty and undrinkable.
But not to worry in a few years time the Brack's
government will be desalinating it and pumping it back to the city.

The big draw back to this system is it will cost billions of dollars
and double the price of water. Why have the government told us this is
the best/only way to deal with our water problems?

There must be a reliable reasonably priced low tech way of saving our
own rainwater, before it goes into the bay. Creeks and rivers are
traditional sources of water for reservoirs. Surely we can utilise our
rainwater run off and avoid the horrendous expense of a desalination
plant with it's energy, environmental safe guards, and pumping requirements.

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