Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Banks and Postings

At last the Macquarie bank is being publicly questioned about it's methods. I have said for a long time it is ethically not a good look. Now the man who told the world about Enron has come out publicly and questioned Macquarie. Last night on the Telly here, 4 Corners [documentary show] looked at their take over of Thames water in the U.k. and their attempted take over of Qantas. I think it is a case of greed and very clever corporate lawyers. It is disgraceful that our government gave the go ahead for the failed Qantas bid. They are either blind or worse to the realities of Macquarie.

The state government is being asked to lay more train tracks. They were asked to do that 30 years ago. Now they have sold off the railway network they will have a much harder job to achieve this. I don't think the modern day economists have thought through their economic modeling very well.

The future fund set up from the funds raised from the 50% sale of Telstra and made really to pay the super annuation of retired public servants. [a dishonest joke] is now being questioned as to it's mandate being appropriate in a world of carbon trading and climate change.

We are certainly entering a new world on so many fronts. I reckon that soon it wont just be a carbon tax on airline tickets, it will be a case of show a need to travel by air and it will have to be legit for x number of flights per year. Has anyone considered alternative fuel to av gas for aeroplanes. Electric, Nuclear, Solar?????

A program on the idiot box the other day dealt with Crude Oil and was frightening in it's assessment of how long we have left for oil, and just how much we use of it every day. No wonder the Americans are fighting over in Iraq.


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