Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Selfish And Commonsense

I have a relative who is very selfish, has been all her life. A single child who grew up with only her Mum, who in turn only had eyes for her one and only daughter. Selfishness is like a cancer it eats away at relationships and I believe ones soul. I don't just mean being mean with worldly goods, mean of spirit too. To always want to relate the world back to ourselves is the way we often operate it keeps us centred. But to view the world from only ones own perspective and expect those around us to always give to you. It is really just one big lie that is perpetuated daily as the selfish person manipulates their relationships to meet their selfish needs. Unfortunately, it is a bit like the friend who is always late, no matter how many times you talk about it they can't help themselves. Same goes for selfish behaviour, maybe it is innate in those who have it or is it learnt.

Commonsense does it exist is the question I ask, and if it does, does it work???

England has a heatwave, they are suffering, records are being broken. 31C seems to be the average high. I hope the oldies do not drop like flies, because it is very simple to keep cool, with a little water and a fan, or a breeze through a doorway/window even with the curtains drawn.