Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mr Howard's age

About a year ago, I was wondering about the Liberal party keeping John Howard as their leader.
I thought it was a mistake to let him choose when he retires, he had apparently made a deal with Peter Costello a year before to stand aside and then he reneged on it.
Now their own polling is telling them, the electorate see John Howard as too old to be Prime minister, and that he lies.
Well would you put up as your best candidate to lead your party, and the country, and old fart who lies?
Johns response to this criticism " You collect a bit of baggage when you have been in office for a decade or more."

Can't any of them see that selling politics is like selling a brand. Many in the electorate want their prime minister to appear to be relevant, and not an embarrassment, and that is how older people are perceived when they continue to act younger than their age.

We all know he wont be prime minister for long. The Libs just want to keep him on, to try and win the un-winable election. It has already back fired. They would of been better off breaking in his successor Peter Costello.

Treasurers are usually disliked [taxes, fiscal etc] but leaders can win the electorate over. Give it away John and your supporters. Give a younger man a turn.

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