Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I have decided I don't respect Politicians like I used to. The other day the deputy leader of opposition in Canberra was interviewed. In the interview she continued to use the same couple of mantras firstly to emphasise her point but soon it became a meaningless mantra. It no longer sounded true, original or believable. She sounded like a liar covering her tracks by saying the same thing over and over in the attempt to make it right. It may well of been right but the over use of catch phrases doesn't endear me to their cause.
This came on the back of reading an article about exactly this sort of behaviour by a politician. I had thought it was confined to politicians who were older and used this style of interviewing to avoid scrutiny. Not someone young fresh and looking to be in Government if they win the next election.
Now I realise that politicians of all persuasions are being schooled in how to handle the media to basically negate an interview and to speak in slogans, instead of having a discussion or debate.
Probably seen as good tactics by the spin doctors, it smells of a brave new world to me.


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