Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Firearms and Lists

Where in the hell are the firearms coming from?
This outburst is prompted by the shooting yesterday in a suburb near here [Fairfield]. A solicitor was shot dead at the back of his high street practice. [I assume solicitors have practices]. The solicitor was shot out the back of his premises by person unknown. We live in a society that does not encourage the ownership of guns [unlike America]. We periodically have gun amnesties to try and rid us of these lethal weapons. In this case the police say it looks like the situation was never meant to go this far. If there wasn't a gun involved then it would probably have been a few bruises, a life saved.

When are we going to be able to block the unsolicited phone calls, you know the ones they ask for donations, or make you offers of weekends at luxury hotels, drink more wine offers, telephone deals to die for. You can tell them straight away when you answer the phone:

Their opening line is very friendly;

"Hi how are you today?"

"Good thanks"

You answer, thinking I don't recognise the voice who's so interested in my health at dinner time on a wet Wednesday evening.

"That's good" they say, "This wont take long. Are you the account holder for the phone in your house?"

Decision time you think, do I really want to talk to you about anything as my food goes cold, especially something like a phone bill.

"No I'm not." so polite exit is executed.

Not so lucky,

"Can I speak to the account holder please?"

That is it, all over red rover.

"No.’ Place phone down.

This can happen just as the first fork load of dinner is about to be loaded upward from plate to mouth. Quite literally.
So get me on that list of barred phone numbers ASAP.

When smokers tell you they want smoking banned in pubs then it is time to bar the lot of them, or give them a dungeon to puff in.