Friday, August 24, 2007

ABC Discussion

I heard a panel discussion on Radio National this morning, with Michael Kroger [Liberal party heavy weight] involved. Of course taking up the cudgel for the Liberals in a discussion re the party political leaders and how they are faring in the pre-election bun fight to win office.

Michael at every opportunity said the Labor leader and his team had no experience in running a country and therefore should not be entrusted with the opportunity to do so in the future. If he said it once he said it 10 times, at every twist and turn he would refer back to their lack of experience.

It wasn't until another member of the panel a woman [sorry can't remember her name] told him that Peter Costello [now triumphed as our greatest treasurer] didn't have any experience before he too was elected to government. Kroger jumped in with,

"No I was talking about the prime minister John Howard. He was the Treasurer in the Fraser government."
Woman replies "And not a very good one at that", so if this is the type of experience one needs, to be a, 'minister with experience', so be it.

We are definitely in for a very dirty campaign and I foresee John Howard's credibility will be tarnished by it, it already is.


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