Saturday, July 29, 2006

Canadians and Teenagers

Canadians first, they are a bit older.

Lately, over the last few years I have heard many a good thing about Canada They seem to be able to by pass the American dream, or at least temper it to their own way of seeing the world. Unlike us down here where we are constantly following the American lead. But I digress, to the point. I heard a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation [CBC] chief talking about sport and their national broadcaster. He was saying that the CBC was getting out of sports coverage. Because sport had so many commercial outlets from free to air and pay tv. Thus freeing up the CBC to broadcast other programmes of national interest. I imagine the CBC is government funded like our ABC and is always strapped for cash. This is yet another one of the good news stories coming out of Canada. Shame about the weather.

Teenagers: Here’s a scene for you. Teenage boy comes into TV room with packet of family biscuits, I say family, because he had to raid the biscuit stash to find them. He eats half a dozen biscuits of a twin pack, say 40 biscuits, then puts them under his seat. Later in the evening he gets up and leaves.
Next morning biscuits are still under the seat, that is until family dog finds them unattended. Less than five minutes later and the twin pack of biscuits are wasted. I mean wasted, all over the floor spread thick and thin. Pooch is happy as pig in poo, covered in biscuit dust and full too boot.

Moral of the story. Teenage boys survival skills are very low. If they relied on biscuits as a food source. They just don't see the bigger picture.

Makes you wonder where the politicians are, still teenagers maybe.