Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Future fund Etc.

Firstly here is an article in todays Age newspaper written by Kenneth Davidson. Explaining the whys and wherefores on the Future fund that the federal government has set up. It is a multi-billion dollar lie.

Secondly I had a thought about the use of energy in our society. One of the best ways of conserving future [carbon based] energy supplies is to use less. And that is where I realise we have a problem. Not only have we been encouraged over the last 50 years to consume more. We now have privatised power supply companies that have been bought from governments with the belief that they will have ongoing consumption. There is no incentive to conserve or use less. Less use means less profits.
I think we will find that the economic rationalists that have taken over economic debate and policy have come at the worst possible time for this planet. Their, spend at all costs, approach to wealth creation. Doesn't sit well in this environment of global warming and restraint in fossil fuel usage.

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