Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Deals and Bundles

If I said what I wanted to say about our Prime minister, the thought police would probably take me away. Suffice to say he has been caught out and the honest John tag has lost all credibility.

There comes a time when your time is up, unfortunately the higher up the ladder you are the less likely you are to recognise this fact. We all know of someone who had to be pushed. Is it human nature, to want to hold onto the power?

We live in a world of bundles. We have our food bundled Big Mac with the lot, Coke and fries. Etc. Etc. In trying to sort out the nightmare of a phone contract, we meet the bundle king. The have I got a bundle for you!! deal. And to cap it all off, we will cap that price for you sir. Can I just have a phone line, please.