Monday, December 18, 2006

Planes and Water

As the summer heats up and here in Melbourne we watch as our parks turn yellow and brown from lack of rain. We have been informed that as of the 1st of January we will be on stage 3 water restrictions. This means, I think that we can no longer use the watering hose as and when we like, and other water restrictions will be imposed. The government that is imposing these restrictions needs to reassure the public that they are on the case with regard to reusing the water we are already using. Not only that, but also how we are to find new water supplies from as many places and treatments as possible.
There are too many people living in cities like Melbourne to be left wondering about their future water provision and the quality of that water. So here's a water tip to the Brack's government announce some some water strategies so we can have a worry free Christmas.

Qantas is to be sold and now the pilots have come out saying they want to start a fighting fund to stop the takeover. If you read a previous blog you will see that I am against the sale too. So good on you pilots I'm right behind you.

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