Friday, August 03, 2007

John Howard time to redress

Now that John Howard has shown he is capable and willing to act unilaterally. Read Tasmanian Hospitals. I thought I would make a list of things I would like him to address.

1] Get rid of negative gearing on investment properties. It is making home ownership prohibitive in Australia.
2] Make private equity take overs and Overseas companies pay capital gains tax, and in fact make them much more accountable for their actions. We don't want them taking our commonwealth to make a few individuals mega rich at our long term detriment.
3] If he wants to step on states rights, stop the desalination plant here in Victoria and come up with a recycling plant.
4] Remove the now 6 billion dollar health rebate for private health insurance, it is doing nothing to improve our health. It is really just putting money into private health funds. In fact sack the economist that came up with that idea.
5] Acknowledge the indigenous people of Australia and work with them to improve their lives in a positive inclusive way.

There are many more things and I will probably add them as the election gets nearer.

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