Thursday, August 31, 2006


Every day I shave and now my son does too. I saw that he uses the shaving foam at a rate disproportionate to the number of shaves he has. Now that may sound petty, but it did remind me of my father and many other men over the years who have shaved every day.

Dad could make a stick of shaving soap last a year or more, he could work a ‘lather up’ with hard London water, using a shaving brush and his hand. He used the palm of his hand like a cup, to hold some water and soap, and then brush the two together building a lather which he would then apply to his face. He would also strop his safety razor, [double sided blade that fits into a shaver] by stropping his blade he could make it last twice as long.

Of course there were the Cut throat razors as we knew them, the type Sweeney Todd was supposed to of used on his victims. I knew an old barber [dead now bless him] who would use a ‘cut throat’ to clean up the back of your hair cut. He could also do a good job on the facial shave too.
So there you go son plenty of history to the old shave technique. I suppose it wont be until you have to buy the shaving foam and blades yourself, that you start to economise on the Soap.