Saturday, July 22, 2006


No it's not my birthday that comes around in October. It's just I know a couple of people with birthdays around this time, and both of them have managed to get two birthday celebrations out of one year. Probably more that I don't know of. Now, it is the big 40, so they feel justified in getting us all to front up at least twice, with presents, arrangements, baby sitters, drinks, additional food, etc etc.

I reckon one day a year is enough, have a good bash and move on. I'm talking here of major organised party time.

Every day in the news paper they have birthdays on this day, question: How famous do you have to be, to get a gig in the birthday list? 10 minutes of fame and all that.

The days are getting longer very slowly but surely, and these last few nights/days have been clear skies. The moon is in it's last quarter and Venus is close by. The sky has had a colour of dark Indian ink. If you were of the Christian faith you would be reminded of baby Jesus and the three wise men, following their star. But I'm not so it just gives me goose bumps as I marvel at the magnitude of it all.