Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dalai Lama

Yep the Dalai Lama is over here, not his first trip, he is relatively well known here and well liked. Over the years he has probably been a bit of an embarrassment to the government, because he hasn't always had nice things to say about China, one of our biggest trading partners.

We all know that human rights in China since the 1950s hasn't always been good. He has told it how he sees it and the people of Tibet have been hurt by the occupation of their country by the Chinese.

The fall out from this is our politicians don't necessarily agree with his views [in regard to china]. Especially in an election year when, leaders on both sides of the political spectrum could be in power in the near future.
The current foreign minister is Alexander Downer. He has come out and attacked the leader of the opposition for playing politics with seeing the Dalai Lama, calling it a political stunt. A direct quote from the Downer states that,

"I think it just is a reflection of the fact that Mr Rudd just plays politics the whole time."

And then goes on to deny that the Prime Minister has played politics at all on this issue.
Now let me get this right; They are all politicians, that is the name of the game. If I went to see a doctor of medicine and he stopped being a doctor while he performed his examination, I would not be too happy.

"A round of tiddly winks on your belly while I listen to your heart beat". I don't think so.

So of course he is playing politics, maybe that is why Downer [a failed party leader] just isn't up to the job. On issues like trade and foreign affairs it has always been and always will be a matter of diplomacy which is the language of politics. If you don't get that much you oughtn't be a politician.

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