Thursday, May 24, 2007

John Howard

Below is a statement showing that interest rates under John Howard when he was the federal treasurer were at 21%. The foreign debt we now have is at record levels. The now Treasurer has played the short term money market over the last ten years and by and large lost. They have sewn up billions of our money derived from asset sales and over taxation in the form future fund which is already looking like a white elephant. They have manipulated the Australian public for 10 years making fools of thinking fair minded people. And they still think they should be reelected, on what grounds? That they are better financial managers. I don't think so.
They have been incredibly lucky with world growth and low interest rates. But still they felt a need to over tax and abuse the luxury it gave them.
I would like to see John Howard go to The Hague and be tried for war crimes along side Blair and Bush. Based on the fact they have waged an illegal war in Iraq.
Lets call an election now so we can be rid of these politicians.

JOHN HOWARD is continually and deliberately

deceiving the Australian people by chanting that

interest rates will always be lower under a

Coalition Government’ when he knows the

opposite is the case.

The Reserve Bank of Australia's historical

interest rate data shows that the highest 90 day

bank bill interest rate of 21.39% occurred in April

1982 during the Fraser Government’s last term in

office and when John Howard was Treasurer of


John Howard’s record 21.39% interest rate level

was not fully reflected in home loan rates because

in those days there was an upper limit of 13.5% on

home mortgage rates