Wednesday, February 13, 2008


13th February 2008. Today the Australian Parliament said SORRY to the STOLEN GENERATIONS. of Aborigines.
Well done, about bloody time. Hopefully now we can build on that appology and start the long road that will bring equality to all Australians.
Woof x
Rudd says Sorry.

Hark Ye Hark Ye Bloggers Unite

A message for all you bloggers who think they can write here is a message from Vi

It is all in a good cause, see below. So give it a go.


The delightful Sarah Peach has come up with a fab idea.

We are going to publish our own blog book of short stories! She's not doing it all alone, she's recruited myself, Ms Robinson, Ariel and Sarah from He loves me not.

Blogland is such a fantastic place, where we can write down things that have gone on with our lives, and find all these amazing people out there, who, like us, have a story to tell. And the beauty of blogging, is meeting others like ourselves, or even totally different but still connect and we've sort of created our own 'internet families'.

Sometimes I wish I could have my computer in bed with me to read the stories. But I'm afraid, I'd fall asleep drooling all over it, then blowing it up.

So it would be great to read it all in a book!

The only problem is, I'm gonna be reading all the stories before they go in the book! But hey, the rest of you will enjoy it I'm sure!

The title of the book is 'You're not the only one'. (Since you aren't, there are so many of us out there!)

We are inviting you to write a story to go into the book. It's quite broad, it can be from your children, relationships, illness, work, whatever. Or even how blogging has changed your life somehow, making you understand things about yourself that you didn't know before (cause, I reckon blogging is really apart of therapy!) We are looking for humourous, or moving, or inspirational. (or all of the above!)

Here are the guidelines....

  • Submit stories that have not been published outside blogland. A piece from your own blog is fine, but nothing published previously in hard copy.

  • Maximum words is 1500. The shorter, the better, as there will be more chance of it getting published.

  • You must be a blogger and have a live blog. It's open to all countries.

  • It must be about something you've been through personally. Amusing or serious, whatever style you like.

  • You can submit in your blogname and remain anonymous if you like.

  • If you intend to submit, then it would be great if you pimped this on your blog. The more coverage, the more submissions, the more chance of the book to sell.

  • All entries are to be sent in to

  • All entries must be in by the 29th February 2008.

Oh, and we aren't doing this to make money you know.

All this hard sweat and tears is for a reason. The charity we have chosen is War Child. It's an international charity, since it's going to be an international blog book. We are publishing through . There is no upfront fee, but Lulu takes £4.70 per book sold if we make it no longer than 200 pages. We are pricing the book at £9 so £4.30 goes straight to charity.

Because we can't go anymore than 200 pages, not all submissions may be added. But give it your best shot! No bribing will be taken (unless, of course, one of you can magically bring my Chief back from the war to me!)

I'm really excited about this, and I hope you are too. Even if you aren't interested in submitting, it would be great if you could plug us on your blog, and pass the word.

Oh, and if you would like to use the 'war child' logo on my side bar, in your blog (or on a post yourself) please feel free to save it and use it.

In support of War Child, registered with the Charity Commission no. 1071659