Thursday, October 19, 2006


We all know the value of keys. We use them daily to lock our selves in and out. They keep our lives private away from the prying eyes of our neighbours. All this and more I’m sure makes a lot of sense. However if you have your keys stolen then you have a problem.

This is what happened to us yesterday. Someone came in the back of our place and stole two sets of keys. One set opened and locked our public life and private life. I.E. Home and Work. The second set were for a late model Toyota car.

Luckily for us the house and work keys are easy for us to rekey and re place. Not so the work truck and car. Could cost as much as $1000.

Modern key systems with alarms and computers to work them are very expensive to replace/repair. And so specialized that very few places know how to fix them.

I would like to say to any one who is thinking of stealing things like keys/personal stuff think about the outcomes. This is about the third time we have had things stolen and it is always during the lead up to xmas. A great Christmas present for this little duck. Thanks


Special Broadcasting Service

SBS stands for Special Broadcasting Service and it is a multicultural channel in a world of commercial tv this is a gem. Virtually ad free and full of good tv shows in their original language with sub titles. A few years back they introduced ads and they showed them in between programmes, very civilised. Earlier this year the powers at b decided to run ads during programmes. This has incensed the loyal viewers of this great tv channel.
We are like frogs we allow this sort of thing to happen and before long the water is boiling and we don't see it coming and we are all boiled frogs.
Get writing to our MPs that we don't want our SBS running adds during programmes. If the government needs more money [they seem to be awash with surpluses] tax the commercial channels to provided alternative viewing to theirs. I know that may sound daft but with out quality viewing available at least some of the time tv as a medium is not going provide an outlet for talented film and programme makers.

Not all artists and directors can afford to make main stream film, but niche viewing on tv is possible and plausible. Whereas most commercial tv is made in such a way to lend it’s self to 10 minute blocks with breaks in between. Not story lines and drama made with a beat to a different drum.