Monday, August 20, 2007


Kevin Rudd our opposition leader visited a strip club, why that sort of news is news worthy I have no idea. 3 years ago to boot. I used to eat lovely meals at 3 am in Paris when I worked there back in the 1970s in strip clubs. It is just not a newsworthy event.

The money markets around the globe have gone crazy. Well I be it is a bit like hearing a guy has blown a million bucks down the casino. Who gives a fig. Here in Australia just about every news segment is proceeded by a financial update, which usually means a run down of the top stocks traded up and down. I have argued for a long time that for most of us we have no interest in stocks and shares and those that do will know in any case. It is a bit like sport who needs to know if player A hit player B and is being penalised for it. Which ever which way we get to hear this crap. And somehow we care.
Go read a blog or a book.

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