Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Re Cycled Water?

That is the problem with this debate in Australia we are calling it re-cycled water. All water is re-used, re-cycled. But the connotations is that water that has been in recent contact with sewage is going to remain dirty, unhealthy, dangerous.

I was once told that we were drinking Caesar's piss, meaning all the water on this planet has been here for a long time and it just keeps going around. The way most of our sewage has been treated in the past, is that it ends up in the sea.

Most of us live in coastal cities and up until recently everything from raw sewage to treated effluent is sent out to sea. When the sea has treated it the water evaporates becomes clouds that move around and in the end drop as rain. So if I am not mistaken the same water molecules are falling down as rain again collected in our tanks and dams and back into our stomachs etc etc.
Now if we want to speed up that process, we can take the sewage before it gets to the sea and start treating it and finally returning it to our water systems. If the truth were told we have known what to do for centuries. It is very important we have a clean and constant supply of water it is the corner stone of our health system. Doctors play a roll in health care but clean water and sewage disposal is infinitely more important to good health.

So yes we need to get our methods of re-use of water right and that is achievable. There are many ways to skin a cat, lets look at our water resources in that light and use what we can to provide clean safe water supplies.

A foot note to the new Environment minister. Governments that are awash with surpluses shouldn't talk about expensive user pays programmes with basic needs such as water, when other arms of government are wasting billions on all sorts from wars to public servant pension funds.
It's our money [Malcolm]


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Monday, January 29, 2007

Religion in Politics

Religion in politics Aussie style.

Tony Abbot a prominent coalition minister in the Howard government, has had a go at the new leader of the opposition over his use of religious beliefs.

Along the lines of,
"If you believe in Jesus you would probably want to vote labor [left] cause that is what Jesus would be into, looking after the poor and homeless."

Mind you Tony Abbot was once given the job of deciding whether there should be stem cell research and legalised abortions and he is a devout catholic with responsibilities in health care.

We all go through life thinking our belief systems are the right ones, but when you put those into sensitive public policy development it gets tricky.

I always thought that is was the Americans who wore their religion on their collective sleeves. Now it is spreading to the U.K. and here too.
I am an Atheist so I find it all quite laughable that people go round believing in some 'Magic book' with all sorts of hocus pocus in.

My request to all politicians regardless of your political bent or religious belief is leave the religion out of politics, please.

And a short message to the people of South East Queensland, ' Get used to the recycled water we will all be following soon, it's OK you ain't the first and wont be the last.


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Friday, January 05, 2007


I've been trying to find out about the word 'Whitewash', in relation to winning a sporting series when the opposition haven't won any games.
Harder than I thought when it comes to the web. Plenty on whitewashing walls but only one line entries re sporting events.
I want to know if it has something to do with the score card/board, i.e. no score white score board. Or is it like the saying 'White lie'. Which may have something to do with 'race'. In as far as white is good and black is bad.
So if anyone out there knows the answer to question of 'Whitewash' or any other interpretations then please let me know.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year 2007

I haven't wished you a happy new year cause it isn't much of a happy new year for many people around the world. Wars in the middle east and Africa. Bus bombs in Asia and floods and a drought affecting others. All I can say is stay calm and keep your head down, we could be in for a bumpy second half to this first decade of the new millennium.

On a personal note I am discussed in the hanging of Saddam Hussein, not because I have any sympathy for the man, not at all. I think if that is the only way to deal with tyrants like him we haven't learnt much about humankind in the last 2000 years. 15 people died on a bus within a few hours of Saddam's death. Retaliation? and there is much more of that to come. If the Americans continue to think that force will make the Iraqis stop killing each other, then again, they haven't been listening to other leaders in the region.

I hope it rains soon.


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