Monday, July 10, 2006

Leaders and non Leaders

The leadership of the Liberal party? The papers are full of deals and counter deals, who said what, and did they say exactly that and when. All very important?
No not important at all.
The leadership of the Liberal party is for the liberal party to sort out, and probably only a handful of the members. So stop with the stories, tell the two school yard bullies to sort it.

I hear we have a Richard Branson in our corporate ranks. John is his name and his business goes by the name Crazy Johns. He sells mobile phones. For one person to make 300 million out of selling mobiles phones. Don't ask! The point being he can't rest having made squillions he has to find something else to market. Maybe he should take up hot air ballooning too.

Lastly; if you are a retired couple living on the pension, and one of you die, the surviving partner gets a letter from the relevant department. The letter commiserates you on your bereavement, and then informs you that your pension has been almost cut in half. I bet your bills aren't halved.