Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dirty Politics

I have long thought of our prime minister as a weak man who has managed through lots of luck to look ok as a leader.
He has presided over 10 years of economic growth and taken the credit for it. But now his luck is running out. The problems are coming home to roost and he doesn't have much idea what to do about it, except to work harder and walk faster.

He passed his use by date about 2 to 3 years ago, he almost went then. But because people that have tasted power can't be trusted to give it up, they hang on and on and on. Can you imagine an American president going for his 4th term in office.

I would think there are many liberals who want him gone. But they too can't let go of what they had thought of as their best chance at re-election. In the end it is all down to their own survival as politicians. We might like to think they are all working for the common good, cause that is what they say as elections come around. But you only have to look at the way they behave in betwixt and between times to see that power and money gives you a high that is worth defending in any which way you can.

I'm not saying the Labor side is any better, they too have had their hangers on. But when they win the next election [and they will] the Liberals will go into long and arduous analysis of their loss and why they allowed John Howard to stay on, beyond his use by date.


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