Friday, August 04, 2006

Naive Politicians

Our Prime Minister [He cops a fair pasting here] is going around saying that the hike in petrol prices is his number one problem at the moment. He goes as far as to say,

'It is one of my biggest worries of my political career.'

Why? I ask,' haven't you done anything about it earlier. You didn't see it coming? I think blind Freddie could of seen it coming.'

There are so many ways that a government can help persuade the populous to change their ways, from consumer to re-user, recycler, alternative energy users, etc etc.

But they have done very little, allowing the market to find it's way, which has meant we have been encouraged to be consumers not re-users.

If as a Prime Minister he had set policies that encouraged the use of alternative fuels, or helped finance a sensible alternative to large engine, American style cars. He would have the choice of the best advisers, he could encourage informed debate. But instead he is now surprised that the price of fuel is so high. When his government took our troops into Iraq, he must of seen it to be a contributing factor in this equation.

There are so many reasons why a western style democratically elected government has to look beyond the lobbyists from the big end of town. Otherwise we are all going to suffer the harm inflicted by poorly thought out policy based on selective information biased by it's source.

It is the population of a country that you as an elected government are there to govern and it is their needs you hope to provide for. Not overseas owned multinationals, they play there part but they have been allowed to dominate policy. A company that makes billions in profits doesn't think about the cost of a litre of fuel, or a fuel efficient car, unless it can see profit at the end of the day. Governments are not there to facilitate profits for large business.
So if John Howard had been more in tune with the needs of the people and not the profits of big business he wouldn't be so surprised by the rising cost of fuel and he may of already taken steps to address the problem.