Monday, February 05, 2007

Oil and Water Wars

We are at the start of what will be remembered in a hundred years from now as the century that brought to a head the Oil and Water resources wars. At the moment we are dressing up the first one [Oil] in all sorts of other disguises. The Americans as usual are waging an outright lie of a war. Calling it some sort of holy war or vendetta but in reality a thinly disguised insurgence to gain control of at least some of the middle east oil. As usual it is a mess and wont be solved in the short term.

The Russians do it a different way and trump up charges against their new found entrepreneurs and lock them up, and I assume then take back control by government decree the oil assets they previously owned.
Here in Australia we argue with the poorest newest nation [East Timor] about there relatively small oil reserve shared with us off their coast line. And so on around the world.

Water wise we have a takeover bid by the federal government to take control of the rivers of South East Australia. We have abundant water in the north and not enough in the South where most of us live. Who gets the water, will be fought over [politically] during this century.

Elsewhere in the world the fight is on for control, distribution and quality of water. Elections will be won and lost over these issues. But more importantly so will wars.

I haven't even mentioned Asia or South America they want to enjoy the living standards we have taken for granted for a century now we are asking them to bypass the good times and taken on the pain as we expect to do, without even a sniff at the good time excesses we have enjoyed in the West. Don't expect an easy ride on that quest either.

For the first time in a very long time our children will have a materially lower standard of living than we have. This is going to hurt. No wonder the investment bankers around the world are looking at acquiring publicly listed assets, such as Utilities and Transport. They can take the financial guts out of them before they become hollow edifices.

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