Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday a Day of rest

Can't be grumpy everyday.
So Sunday a day to reflect.

Ice creams down Brunswick St. Thanks Sam and Matt.

Walks by the Yarra with family, rain or shine.

Home made meat pie for tea with the new Dickens production 'Bleak House', yum.

Woof, Woof


Anna said...

Sounds good. Thanks for reminding me of Bessie's name. I recognised her, but had forgotten the name.

Anna said...

Oh, and that's a great picture of the Ovens River, I can picture Kim sitting in the chair. Made me feel quite wistful and nostalgic.

Give everyone a hug from me.

Donna said...

With the state of my mind at the moment, I'd probably eat the book and attempt to read the pie.

Sure thing, link away if you wish. Glad to hear that you're enjoying my rather odd blog :-)