Thursday, August 24, 2006

A first Time for Everything

For the first time in my life, I agree with John Howard on something. He is very easy to disagree with let me tell you.
John says we should recycle water. That is to drink. And don't give the voters a referendum on the matter, just do it.
Recently up in Queensland they had a referendum on reusing their household water. They came back with a 60-40% against, a strong no campaign won out. A scientist at the time said the recycled water would be cleaner than the current damn water they are using.

It ain't rocket science, London has been doing it for years and so has Singapore. So yes John on such a dry continent as Australia we need to recycle water, or we wont have enough to go around in the future.

Our damns are down to 50% capacity and the farmers are using excess to the river flows to irrigate their crops. And to top it off, we have an El Nino coming, and we all know what that means. Don't we????

So yes for the first time ever I am in agreement with our Prime Minister. Let democracy go to pot on this one, and just get on with collecting and cleaning our waste water, and city run offs.



p-off said...

Many people in Toowoomba voted No, not because of any scare tactics, but because they had read the Council's NWC funding application that Mayor Thorley tried to keep secret. This document showed the project as being fundamentally flawed.

The Water Futures project was never a solution - where was the RO waste stream going to go. Where was Thorley going to hide it? Acland Coal didn't want it. Without their involvement, the project's cost doubled. How high would rates be then?

You will be surprised at how quickly other water source options are now adopted for Toowoomba.

Grump said...

p-off Thanks for your comment. I appologise if I didn't get the facts right re the reasons for the no vote. I was quoting a scientist I heard on the ABC. I still believe that we need to recycle our run off water and waste water. Your rates shouldn't affected by this the state and federal governments should subsidise these sort of projects.

p-off said...

Grump, don't get me wrong. I want to recycle water (almost) as much as the next person. The Toowoomba project was never going to work so I'm glad it got killed off. As a country, we need to recycle our water but there are so many things we can do with it before we ask people to drink it.

Look at Dalby - it will become a model place for recycling. It has funding to use gas water for its town water supply and will use recycled water on its parks and gardens.

Look at Caboolture, after paying a $55 registration fee, they provide recycled water free for companies and individual to take and use for non-potable use.

Look at South East Water in Melbourne with its purple pipe recycled water system (although only practical in new subdivisions).

There are good ideas out there. We just have to adopt them.