Monday, August 07, 2006

Teeth Permits and Tilly

The Federal Government has boasted record surpluses. When they were first elected a decade ago they loved to crow about the bad economic management of the previous Labor government.

So now a decade later we have sold off what we can, privatised just about everything, and collected massive amounts of tax. With a consumption tax known as the Goods and Services Tax. GST. We therefore have a large surplus of money, that the government could spend on helping the poor of this society. An area of health spending that has been virtually knocked on the head is Dental health. Which any one with a tooth in their head knows is very important.

We used to be ranked at the top of the list for good teeth, now we are down the bottom. The Federal Government just about wiped out dental health care for the poor and disadvantaged as a way of saving dollars, back in the days when they wanted to get the budget back in the black. Now they are awash with money they give tax cuts to rich. Some of who must be dentists. Ironic.

In our area [inner suburb] we have a system of resident parking permits. The first one used to be free. and a house holder was allowed 2 others. One for another car from the household, and one known as a visitors permit. Well the visitors permit is going to be stopped.

Why I hear you scream.

Well some unscrupulous residents have been selling their visitor permits, to people who knock on their doors asking if they want to sell them. Local businesses and workers who come to the area need all day parking.

Well we need and use on a regular basis our visitors permit, now it is going to be replaced with a book of vouchers. Time to get the pen is mightier than the sword out, and give the clowns down at clown hall a serve.

Tilly turned One on Saturday. A big happy birthday to her. XXXX


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Anna said...

Been catching up on your blog during a period of wakefulness. Nice pic of Tilly. Give her a pat from me. Woof!