Saturday, October 14, 2006

Price Rises

Grumpy old Dog

Every time a supplier of our products puts their prices up we have to go around the shop re-pricing our displays. To do this we have taken to using the computer as a label maker. It took awhile to set it up so the size of sticker we use could be made into a shop label. Size vertical and horizontal, margins top and bottom. This was all nicely set up in the old computer took awhile but it worked a treat every time. Very easy to do a minute to set up and off we went. [Truth be told I still preferred the freedom of writing the labels myself].

Now to problem of changing computers even with all the same software, you just can't seem to get everything to work as you would hope. So each time we put the page of labels in the printer and hit print, they come out with numbers and dollar signs on the eschew. Over the edge of the lines above and below the margins. Great when you thought you had a page of 65 labels nicely printed but instead you had some modern art which should be mounted and displayed as forgettable art.

The answer to problem so far has been to revert to the old computer and nurse it back into action and so far touch wood it's working. The main problem with old computer was/is it can't cope with the rigors of programmes running in the background. It runs with a fever which could cause major melt down if not watched like a day old baby.
So wish me well, there are well over 1500 items in the shop to re-price over the next weeks and months. I'm going computer blind.

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