Monday, October 30, 2006

Summer Time Has Arrived

Summer time has arrived as in we have gone onto daylight savings. [is it saving or savings?]
This brings about a problem here in Australia, we have some states that don't want to have longer evenings. They come up with some fanciful ideas as to what happens if you do have daylight savings. Just this last week the Premier of Queensland said, 'People will suffer more skin cancers if we introduce daylight savings'. And he was serious. It is usually the more northern states like Queensland and Western Australia, who worry over the introduction of daylight savings. Where as the most southerly state Tasmania, loves it so much they start a month earlier than the mainland. Back to some of those comments, usually uttered by politicians who want to win rural votes at the next election.
The curtains will fade quicker.
The cows wont want to give milk. Or
The cows don't want to come in to give milk.
I am sure a dedicated observer could around this time of year come up with a shopping list of complaints. Cause it is this time of year that the topic is addressed, with boring repetition.
So I promise not to retell all this next year, though I might let you know when it ends. Just to keep you all watching this space.
Last word on Day light saving.
In the U.K. during the second world war, I was told they had 2 hours of daylight saving. It stays light until at least 9 pm with one hour just imagine with two. Living in the north of England or Scotland and waiting for the sun to go down, so you can go to bed.


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